"An Artistic project based on a physical and mental challenge: the Atlantic Ultra Marathon."


Videoinstalation synopsis.

The installation constructs the scenographic memory of the territory set of the race and points out the concept of “trajectivity” developed by Paul Virilio, as a way of experience the world. Following the athletes entrainments on the region, preparing themselves for the distance, the installation offers to the visitor the possibility of an immersion in the psychological time of “being in trajectory” as the link between the distance and the effort to do it, the duration and the extension of the tiredness, giving measure, an order of greatness, to each one experience.

The triptych works as the image enfolder and intensifier, enlarging the diverse possibilities of perception depending on the combination between the visitor position and the image sequences. This dynamic relation between the image horizon and the installation visitor is an equivalent to the dynamic relation between the runner and the territory of the race.

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